Viva-Laura Sutton-Fauteux
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Does a painting become a different painting because we view it? Yes of course, but why? Because we bring something to the work of art, we bring ourselves. Once more you view the painting again in ten years, it will change because you’ve changed. Beauty is the eye of the beholder, the actual viewer.

So a work of art reminds you of whom you are now.

My current works are large-scale abstract paintings on paper that use ink and acrylic paint. When I am painting, I am playing with shape and colour. The atmosphere of a single colour or shape and how a sensitive change in colour can make a natural colour look very man-made continues to impresses me. Layering of transparent colour and using tools to guide the flow paint are techniques I am using. Once painted, they aim to be affecting vistas of colour and studies on beauty and truth.

I paint because of a strong drive to create an original vision. I was born in Toronto into a family of visual artists. This had a profound effect on my personality and my artwork. Becoming an artist was never a conscious choice; it was more of a gentle transition from childhood to adulthood. I feel at home when I work in my studio bringing back memories of colour, sound and smell.

I begin a piece by having a map of sensations, ideas and mental colour charts. Because of such an exposure to the art world growing up I tend to look to outside sources for my inspiration. I look to Roland Barthes and the discourse of quantum mechanics within art. This notion I discussed in my first paragraph, it is intriguing in reference to abstract art. My love of jazz music, exotic food and personal experiences all affect my painting. My actions in painting are all very deliberately done, even when a colour or line may appear very haphazard. I know a painting is done when I am pulled away with new idea or direction that needs a fresh canvas to grow on.

These are my thoughts at current, written in October of 2009.

Viva-Laura Sutton-Fauteux